Helpful SPA Recipes

Helpful SPA Recipes

  1. Exfoliate your face with our Rose Exfoliating Mask. This mask gently removes dead cells without drying the skin.

  2. With a warm bath cloth clean the exfoliating mask. Now your skin is nice and soft.

  3. Apply with a wet compress onto your face, leave the nose area open. Keep the compressor for ten minutes

    Rose Water softens and replenishes moisture in your face, restores and balance your skin pH level, as well as unblocks and tightens stubborn pores Its Natural anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce redness and skin irritation.Rose Valley Land,, Lavender Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, How to use lavender oil Lavender oil for hair Lavender oil benefits Where to buy lavender oil Lavender oil for sleep Lavender oil for acne Lavender oil amazon Lavender oil for acne Lavender oil for burns Lavender oil for dogs Lavender oil for cats

Furthermore – uplift your mood and Heart. Help get over the stress and reduce anxiety
Follow with our serum and moisturizing creams for advanced hydration and radiant glow.

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