Rose Oil - The Queen of Essential Oils

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Rose Oil - The Queen of Essential Oils

Rose oil (or Rosa Damascena, its Latin name), is exquisite, feminine, powerful and seductive, an oil truly fit for a queen. And ladies, you will feel like a queen when you let your senses become spellbind by its spirit.

Cleopatra used roses not only as an ingredient in her cosmetics but also as an instrument of seduction. It is claimed that she used both the rose and the Jasmine scents to seduce Marc Anthony from the Roman Empire. It is interesting then, that Jasmine is referred to as the king of essential oils and that both oils are well-known aphrodisiacs. Cleopatra, it would seem, was quite the clever enchantress!
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For centuries, Bulgarian rose oil is known to uplift the heart. It drives away melancholy, promotes harmony and is one of the strongest natural aphrodisiacs. Rosa Damascena Oil goes well with almost any other oil and helps reach inner emotional balance.

The Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil offered by Rose Valley Land is a special selection, distilled for Rose Valley Land. It is obtained through a special steam distillation method that preserves the bio-dynamic energy of Rosa Damascena plant. 

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It is 100% natural and comes from the famous Rose Valley in Bulgaria. 
Because of the unique climatic conditions and geologic settings in the area, Bulgarian rose oil is considered of premium quality with a very rich, multilayered fragrance.
Because of its amazing properties, multiple applications in skin care, medicine, aromatherapy, and fine perfumery, and extremely limited supply every year, pure genuine Bulgarian Rose Oil /Otto is considered one of the most precious essential oils in the world. 

 Another great essential oil with miraculous effect is the Lavender Essential Oil that could help not only your body but your Spirit as well!  

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