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Lavender is known for its soothing and calming properties, but there are numerous uses for the delightful oil produced by this plant. Being extracted from the flowers of Lavandula angustifolia, this little yet powerful herb will make you fall in love with its many benefits so much, that you wouldn’t wish to be without the sweet-smelling note it holds #1 Lavender Oil For Hair Now, it is no secret that oils are right for your hair, so what could make lavender oil so unique? Well frankly, it is exceptional for your scalp. Lavender oil has natural antimicrobial and antiseptic properties,...

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•    Reduces stress and anxiety •    Aids in treating insomnia •    Increases cognitive function and boosts immunity •    Effective natural insect repellent •    A full, heady, multi-dimensional aroma •    An irresistible aroma that's calming and uplifting •    Preferred ingredient in perfumes •    Helps support skin health, including soothing insect bites Bulgarian lavender is prized as the most therapeutic lavender of the most excellent quality. Steam distilled from the flowering tops of the Bulgarian lavender plant, this lavender oil has a distinct scent thanks to Bulgaria’s unique soil conditions and climate. The oil has balancing, soothing, and calming properties. This essential...

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Flowers’ Waters are natural products ready to be used without to wary about dilution and percentage and enjoy at the same time to the same aroma as the essential oils. Flower waters are steam distilled from fresh flowers and the finest quality usually is with no colorThey are very gentle for the skin and applicable to the entire family even for the delicate baby skin.Flower waters are extremely versatile and commonly used in a number of applications.You can use them for your daily routines as a skin toner, to apply as a compress on your body after a sunburn for...

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