Skin Revitalizer - Pure Bulgarian Rose Water 100 ml

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  • Pure Bulgarian Rose Water - Rose Hydrosol
  • Natural cosmetics for Body Spirit and Mind
  • Uplift the heart, drives away melancholy
  • Promotes harmony and emotional balance
  • Soothes irritated skin. Has a local pain-reliever effect
  • Useful for acne treatment, or after shaving
  • After sunburns and insect's bite
  • Enriched the skin with rose fragrance

Product description
Our Skin Revitalizer  spray contains 100% pure Bulgarian Rose Water / Rose Hydrosol, a natural product obtained through distillation of oil-bearing Rosa Damascena fresh flowers,  cultivated in Rose Valley, Bulgaria - international leader of producing rose natural products

Properties: Rose Hydrosol is great daily skin toner. Has anti-inflammation, softening and cleansing effect. Refreshes and moisturizes. Improves blood circulation and maintains the water balance of the skin. Bulgarian Rose Water soothes irritated skin. Has a local pain-reliever effect. For all types of skin, especially suitable for tender baby skin

Face - Our skin revitalizer is great rejuvenating daily facial toner for all types of skin. Cleans and moisturize. Useful for acne treatment, or after shaving. Rose water reacts with free radicals and neutralizes them

Body- This pure Bulgarian rose water is excellent body mist for all types of skin. Endorses the skin with rose fragrance and energizes. Soothes the skin after a sunburn.

Rinse or spray your hair with our natural rose water for shine and softness. This mist also will endorse your hair with a sophisticated aroma from the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena

Aromatherapy- Brings harmony to the whole body mind and spirit Helps to calm and relax. Reduce anxiety Promotes good mood, self-confidence, and positive thinking.

Directions- Spray directly onto your skin to hydrate, refresh and soothe the dry and irritated skin or apply with a moistened swab or a wet compress