Cinnamon Essential Oil - 10 ml

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Our Cinnamon Oil is 100% pure therapeutic grade. It is obtained from the bark of cinnamon trees. 
  • Great as a room freshener
  • Provides pain relief for muscle and joints, improves circulation
  • Relieves cold, cough, and sore throat symptoms
Reminiscent of a freshly baked apple pie, cinnamon essential oil has nourished and warmed many hearts, bodies and minds. It is one of the most recognizable essences even among those who are unfamiliar with aromatherapy. It will bring warmth to a cool day and has many wonderful uses in your home apothecary.
Pungent, spicy and warming, cinnamon natural oil nourishes and restores the body's own ability to produce a healing response. Applied topically in extremely low dilution, cinnamon oil assists in restoring ease and comfort to tired, fatigued or overworked bodies. This stimulating oil can be used for increasing the appetite. Traditionally used as a spice in cooking, in the ground or powdered form cinnamon is used as a tonic to increase metabolic activity.
Cinnamon essential oil can be used to create a sensual atmosphere, so include this exotic spice to blend in your diffuser with rose, cedar, and vetiver. Diffusion of cinnamon can energize a sluggish mind and can be useful to rev up creativity throughout the post-lunch office.

How to Use Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil
  • In the Diffuser: Cinnamon quickly warms the heart and mind with the qualities of stimulating, delicious spice. Like other spices, this oil will help to open the breath and relieve heaviness and lung discomfort. Diffuse a combination of cinnamon (one drop), and 6 drops mandarin oil to encourage relaxation and lift spirits.
Other Ways to Use Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil:
  • Safety note. Cinnamon oil should not be applied directly to the skin as it is extremely dermo-caustic. It can be applied in dilution or blends to the palm for direct inhalation or massage, or used in a diffuser.
  • Massage Oil: Cinnamon oil is well placed in a wintertime blend for your massage oil. One drop of cinnamon in 0.5 oz carrier oil can be massaged into legs, arms and joints to warm, ease and relax the body.

      Blends well with:

      Spice and herb oils such as basil essential oil, clove essential oil, fennel essential oil, ginger essential oil, and marjoram essential oil; grass oils like ginger grass essential oil, vetiver essential oil and rose essential oil. Can also be used with sandalwood essential oil, cedarwood essential oil

      Product Details
      Botanical Name:
       Cinnamomum zeylanicum
      Composition: 100% Pure  Cinnamon Essential Oil 
      Origin:  Sri Lanka
      Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation 
      Cultivation/Harvesting: Natural 
      Plant Part: Bark
      Color: Golden Yellow/Brown
      Odor: Sweet, peppery, spicy, woody
      Perfumery Note: Base to Middle
      Strength of Initial Aroma: Medium to Strong