Lemon Essential Oil - 10 ml

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Lemon Essential Oil will elevate the mood and refresh a fatigued mind with its bright, tangy, and pure lemon scent.

  • Increases mental clarity
  • Uplifts the mood
  • Boosts immunity 

About Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil has the ability to clear and refresh fatigued minds quickly with its bright and tangy scent. For those who may be sensitive to stronger medicinal smelling oils, the fresh scent of lemon makes it the best choice. You can add a drop of lemon to a blend if that blend has become too heavy. Citrus oils, including lemon, are phototoxic and can damage your skin if rubbed on the skin and exposed to sunlight.

How to Use Lemon Essential Oil

  • Palm Inhalation: inhale lemon mixed with lavender to receive a cheerful effect of pure lemon oil
  • Diffuser: To freshen and purify the air add a couple of drops of this essential oil to tea tree oil or lavender oil
  • Pick-me-up: Instead of coffee or tea try the Lemon essential oil

 Other ways to use Lemon Essential Oil

  • Massage Blend: Add a couple of drops to your oil blend and apply to skin
  • Household Cleaner: Add lemon oil to water in a spray bottle and use it to purify surfaces around the home

Safety Considerations for Lemon Essential Oil
Lemon essential oil should not be taken internally or applied directly to the eyes. The oil is potentially photo-toxic.

Blends well with:
Lemon essential oil blends well with tea tree oileucalyptus oilrose oilneroli oilylang-ylang oil and other citrus oils.

Product Details
Botanical Name: Citrus Limonum
Composition: 100% Pure Lemon Essential Oil
Origin: Italy
Method of Extraction: Cold-pressed
Plant Part: Lemon peels
Perfumery Note: top
Odor: Pure, fruity, sharp, citrus
The strength of Initial Aroma: strong