Melissa Essential Oil - 5 ml

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Our Melissa Essential Oil 100 % pure therapeutic grade essential oil steam distilled from leaves and flowering tops of Melissa officinalis plant. It is well known for its strong ability to relax and calm body, spirit and mine

  • Has deep soothing properties
  • Has а bright lemon greenish aroma reminding of a July summer night
  • Natural antidepressant
  • First aid in treating insomnia
  • Refresh Body, spirit and mind

Melissa Essential Oil boasts the ability to promote abundant vitality and health. This potent oil has been known for centuries as an elixir of the heart because of its uplifting and mood-enhancing qualities. It encourages emotional harmony, pacifies anger, encourages restful sleep and restores inner direction. Melissa essential oil is among the most potent of all-natural essential oils for enhancing deep wellness during the challenging winter months.

Intensely refreshing, our divinely aromatic Melissa Oil is a gentle yet potent fusion of calming, nurturing and vitality promoting properties. Among the most precious of all essential oils, the herbaceous and lemony Melissa officinalis helps nourish the spirit and restores optimal mental balance. Known by many to be a true aromatic elixir, Melissa Essential Oil unassuming power makes it a vital component of any essential oil pharmacy.

Therapeutic Properties of Melissa Essential Oil:
Boost immunity
Uplift mood
Aids in treating insomnia and 
sleeplessness and depression
Stimulates the appetite and processes of digestion

How To Use Melissa Essential Oil:

Direct Palm Inhalation:  Palm inhalation blend of Rose Oil and Melissa Oil Essential Oil into a carrier oil, will discourage feelings of sadness or melancholy.

Aroma Lamp or Diffuser:  Diffuse at night Melissa Essential Oil with Bulgarian Lavender Oil for restful sleep and sweet dreams.

Massage:  Blended into a Grapeseed carrier oil, Melissa gently calms and supports a healthy nervous system. You can combine Melissa with Lavender Oil and Ylang-Ylang for a boost ineffectiveness.

Blends Well With Rose OilFrankincense oil, Lavender oilYlang-Ylang oil, Geranium oil, Roman Chamomile, Basil Oil

Safety Considerations for Melissa Essential Oil
Non-toxic. A possible dermal irritant; test a small area first. Do not take essential oils internally.

Product Profile
Botanical Name: Melissa officinalis
Family:  Lamiaceae, or Labiatae
Composition: 100% Pure Melissa Essential Oil
Origin: Bulgaria
Method of Extraction:  Steam Distillation
Cultivation/Harvesting: Wild-harvested
Plant Part:  Leaves and flowering tops
Color: Pale yellow or pale amber
Perfumery Note: Top/Middle
Odor: intensely fresh, aromatically citrus, herbaceous, and radiant, like standing in a lemon grove on a warm afternoon
The strength of Initial Aroma: Strong